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Best French Door Refrigerator

Since the beginning of the 20th century, refrigerators have been a staple in every kitchen across America and the world. French door style refrigerators offer a better way to organize your perishables with their multiple shelf doors and adjustable shelving. Quickly eclipsing traditional models, French door refrigerators contain a veritable smorgasbord of extra features - with ice and filtered water dispensers, electronic temperature controls, and ergonomic style. Keep all of your food nice and cold with the best French door refrigerators!

GE PFE28PSKSS French Door Refrigerator

General Electrics has been in business for a mind blowing 125 years and was founded by the legendary Thomas Edison himself. With such experience you know when you buy a GE fridge you are getting an incredible piece of machinery. Comes with a total of 27.8 cubic feet of interior space along with a full width temperature controlled drawer. Wanting to put only the most useful features into this product, GE has included the ability to brew coffee with the Keurig K-cup single serve feature. The dispenser also puts out cubed, crushed ice, along with filtered water all with an LED light - making it useful to be used at night.

Frigidaire DGHF2360PF French Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire is the company the created the first self contained refrigerator back in 1916. In fact it was so famous that many people saw the name Frigidaire as synonymous with refrigerator. This top rated french door refrigerator is no exception to their adherence to excellence. Comes with a multi-level LED lighting inside and out, along with a dual ice ready dispenser. The dispenser can divvy out either crushed or cubed ice, along with filtered water. Comes with a full 22.6 of capacity, part of it located in the easy to use bottom style freezer. Inside is beautifully wrought glass shelves along with a simple to use thermometer.

LG LFXS24566S French Door Refrigerator

LG is a South Korean company founded in 1958 that has their fingers in a plethora of different electronics markets. Taking this considerable experience they have created one of the best french door refrigerators on the market today. This product comes with a large capacity ice and water dispenser on the outside, along with LED lights so you can get water in the dark. This stainless steel fridge comes with a pair of humidity crispers and nine door baskets. Always wanting to push the limits of functionality, this refrigerator also has spill protector shelves and clear shelving.

Kenmore 50023 French Door Refrigerator

The Kenmore brand is synonymous with with kitchen appliances, and since 1927 they’ve been making some of the best out there. This 25 cubic foot refrigerator comes with powerful LED lights inside and on the ice dispenser. Capable of dispensing both crushed and cubed ice, you can also get a glass of filtered water. This stainless steel fridge has a pair of humidity controlled baskets perfect for fruit and vegetables, along with plenty of door shelves to fit all of your condiments. Having the best french door fridge freezer on the market, you can be sure that all of your meats and ice creams will stay extra fresh.

Haier HRF15N3AGS French Door Refrigerator

Founded in 1984, this relatively new Chinese company doesn’t lack for the skill and finesse of its more experienced competitors. This slim model comes with 14.9 cubic feet of capacity, along with adjustable glass shelving. These shelves are also removable, allowing for easy clean up. The bottom style freezer allows for easy access, and the electronic temperature controls gives users precise handling. As an added bonus this refrigerator comes with the unique boost of cold air when first closed to ensure that your perishables stay fresh for longer.

All in all you can’t really lose out with any of these excellent models. If you are looking for the creme-de-la-creme of french door refrigerators, look no further than the GE model - a company that has by far the most experience when it comes to household appliances. If you are tight on space look at the Haier model - this refrigerator comes from a company that has made waves despite it not having as much experience of others on the market. Keep your food delicious and your drinks cool with the best French door refrigerators!

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