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Top 5 Best Refrigerator On The Market Today | Thales Pons

Top 5 Best Refrigerator On The Market Today

Often overlooked for first timers moving out, due to them being provided in many apartments. Upon moving into a house or another apartment, take some time to consider how important a refrigerator really is. I mean that is the source of all our energy, the food I mean, and the fridge is the place that houses it and keeps it. I’ve been looking at many a fridge and have looked through the best refrigerator reviews, and I’ve found many of the simple ones do the job nicely, and the only real extra addition I try personally is the ice maker since so many people can not do without ice. I’ve found the best the web has to offer and have gotten them all written down for you.

1. Frigidaire FFTR1821QS 30" Top-Freezer Refrigerator

This fridge really does the job well, and provides you with an excellent eye piece for the kitchen. The thing I really enjoy is the stainless steel color is comes in and it makes for an easy clean and not to mention the whole throwing magnets on that thing. It’s got a powerful cooling system, due to the strong motors in there really powering these things on through the seasons, both the cooler and freezer. There are two nice glass adjustable shelves as well as a gallon door storage which is great.

2. LG LTCS24223W 23.8 Cu. Ft. White Top Freezer Refrigerator

A quaint little fridge, leaves little to be desired due to the excellent work it provides. With two adjustable glass shelves in the cooler area, you can customize to suit your needs and the fact that it’s glass and not some steel grates, means nothing is gonna leak through onto other items in the fridge. There are also two shelves in the freezer instead of just a freezing storage area that does often leave something to be desired. The awesome thing about this fridge is the ice maker in the freezer so you won’t have to fill up the ice trays and such.

3. Kenmore 50023 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

An awesome fridge that comes in stainless steel as well as black, and the latter is pretty cool if I do say so myself. A nice side by side french door fridge with room for all kinds of things. You’ve got three removable and movable shelves in the main fridge and plenty of door room in the freezer for a multitude of things. Plus the coolest thing about this is of course the ice maker on the front of the freezer door. It’s known to last a while, meaning it isn’t going to break down on you the first year.

4. GE Profile PFE28KMKES 36”

Known as an energy star rated fridge, this thing isn't going to rack up your electricity bill much. The french doors are amazingly awesome and gives you a different feel from the traditional ‘swing it to the left’ doors, plus there is a huge drawer beneath that is your freezer and boy is it roomy. There are three drawers in the main compartment, them being two half drawers and one drawer the size of the bridge riding right below. The drawers are temperature controlled which is going to keep your fruits or veggies nice and fresh for longer, oh and did I mention the hands free autofill? Yes, there is a hands free spout that not only delivers water, but ice as well of course.

5. Frigidaire FFHT1514QW 28”v

Now this fella is a top freezer, white, swing to the right classic fridge. Not that there’s anything wrong with these types, this is actually a fantastic fridge to cover all basic needs. With gallon door storage and two full wire shelves, anything that doesn't require fancy stuff is possible. This old dog is a damn tank and the years have proven it in this modern interpretation of the classic fridge. Known to last through the hottest times and places and still keep your stuff cold, and your ice frozen, people talk very well about this, and hell, if you need a garage fridge, this is utterly perfect.

If you are looking for a fridge to only keep your items and not looking to break the bank I’d suggest choice number five due to it’s simplicity. The best rated refrigerators are on here and I’m gonna say the best recommended refrigerator would have to be the Kenmore because it covers everything, as well as making everything accesible.

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