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Best Side by Side Fridge | Thales Pons

Best Side by Side Fridge

You’ve got to admit that there are some pretty neat refrigerators out there these days, from your traditional open to the left or right all the way to touch screen transparent french door ones. Today though, we will be looking over the side by side refrigerators in all their glory. The thing about the side by side, is that it’s becoming a bit of classic these days anyway, and I personally think it’s because of the ice machine on the freezer door side, because that’s what gets me every time. Now I’m here to bring you the highest rated side by side refrigerators around so you’ll know what to look for next time you're in the market.

1. Kenmore 50023

This little puppy here is a perfect match for any of the three households: one with black appliances, one with stainless steel appliances, and of course one for those who just don’t care what color of anything they have and that leaves the classic white. Of course it’s a nice set up with the refrigerator right next to the freezer and luckily enough they leave it pretty spacious allowing you to stuff that sucker up to the brim with food. The freezer, from personal experience can also handle a nice amount of frozen goods. Finally, you’ve got the obvious plus to this type of fridge, the ice maker in the door, or dispenser should I say.

2. Frigidaire FFSS2614QP

Now, with this particular fridge, you're going to be stuck with the classic white color which isn't bad in any way, it just means you’ll have to deal with it or find another fridge if you're only into color coordinating. This guy comes with spill proof glass shelves, which will stop all those leaky food items we tend to put in the fridge and forget about from leaking onto all our other foods and grossing us out, and did I mention that they're adjustable? Another cool thing is the adjustable gallon door holders, which isn't something I run into often and will make everything a little easier. It has water filter and that means of course a water dispenser as well as an ice dispenser side by side.


Comes in a nice stainless steel which is kinda sleek and nice and will accompany a black or even stainless steel kitchen of course. They’ve take the fridge a step further and have shaved off the hinges making them hidden for a sleek appeal. There’s angled LED lighting all throughout the fridge and freezer making sure there are no dark areas of the storage area. The glass spill proof shelves are adjustable and have raised edges to make sure that those spills don’t spill over the sides, plus they pull out so you can grab them hard to reach areas. The drawers are climate controlled and create the perfect climate for your fruits and vegetables.

4. LG LSXS26366S

Of course another nice addition to the side by sides, coming with with a nice space plus system that runs right below the fridge side of things, this nice refrigerator comes in a classy stainless steel and offers the sleek look of shaving off the hinges. With the hinges hidden you can slide it into higher more flush spaces, instead of having it jutting out of the wall. The freezer has a tilting freezer door bin allowing for a much easier way to store and an even easier access to the storaged items. Of course this puppy is gonna offer your water and ice dispenser, what kind of page of best recommended refrigerators would this be without that little perk on all these.

5. LG LSXS26326S

A nice stainless steel side by side for all your kitchen needs comes with a nice space plus ice system so your ice isn't intruding into your shelf space. With the new smart cooling as well, all your items will be kept at a perfect temperature allowing for a longer shelf life overall, which is great for your belly and your family’s. Overall a nice and roomy fridge that’ll look nice and provide you with a water filter and dispenser alongside an ice dispenser.

Overall these fridges all provide what you’d be looking for in a best refrigerators review and the choice ultimately boils down to your price range, even if all these guys aren't too far apart. My personal choice would be the GE PSS28KSHSS because it offers everything and more, and people’s experience with it has been phenomenal.

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