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The professional chefs at Michelin-star restaurants all over Europe and North America and those who strive to be the best require the unbeaten quality of the kitchen appliances. Frigidaire pro series offers professional refrigerators that meet the highest standards. Frigidaire is one of the brands in Electrolux’s family. Electrolux has a long history of success based on thoughtfully designed products that are the result of constant investment in consumer’s needs research. The developing of the best kitchen appliances also involve a close collaboration and consulting with professional chefs, as well as the state-of-the-art production equipment. In this article we are going to review the model of frigidaire professional refrigerator and find out its strong and weak sides, so you could make up your mind.

Standards for a Professional Refrigerator

Consumers usually buy this type of product for the commercial purposes, so they require it to promote their business and, eventually, the net profit. Therefore, a professional refrigerator should maintain the complete freshness of the foodstuffs as long as possible. It has to be easy to clean and maintain. It has to be roomy in most of the cases. Convenience and quiet work is a plus. Nowadays, the energy saving technology and thus the possibility to save the money, make the product outstanding and desirable. Adjustable bins and shelves, extra functions also bump the product to the category of superior quality units. Frigidaire professional reviews promise the compliance of this product with the quality requirements. Let us figure it out whether it is a truthful statement.

Product overview

The model we are going to review is Frigidaire Professional Stainless Steel Refrigerator Freezer Combo & Trim by Electrolux. For the moment, it costs roughly about $2.900 and, frankly speaking, it is relatively inexpensive purchase. Frigidaire professional refrigerator is a combo that comprises of a left-side upright all-freezer and a right-side all-refrigerator aligned by a trim kit that makes them look together nice. It comes with two usable 72-icnch CSA-certified power cords and 8 leveling legs. Smudge-proof stainless steel covering doors resists fingerprints and makes the process of cleaning faster and easier. Both freezer and fridge are outfitted with PureAir Ultra filter system that maintains freshness and cleanliness of the air. Both parts of the combo feature the automatic alerts, so be sure that if somebody left the door open or if the temperature rises for some reasons, the unit will warn you. You can also control the temperature options (C / F scales) via pro-select temperature display mode with the touch of a button. According to frigidaire professional reviews, the inside of both fridge and freezer is well seen due to the bright multi-level LED lighting. Other essential details include:

  • Refrigerator shows 19 cu. ft. capacity and has 20.6 square feet total shelf area, all spill-proof glass.
  • Full-width shelves of a refrigerator provide fast, easy, and convenient access to any large item, even 26 inches wide.
  • There is also full-width Deli Drawer in a refrigerator for storing sandwiches, cheeses, deli meats, or any food that is frequently used.
  • Four clear two-liter bins can be easily mounted on the door in one of the adjustable positions.
  • Freezer also features 19 cu. ft. capacity and has 20.9 square feet total shelf area.
  • Two storage baskets of the freezer slide out like a breeze and provide an easy access and keep things organized.
  • The freezer is equipped with five clear door bins that can be adjusted, one full-width fixed door bin, and a factory installed powerful automatic icemaker.

It should be noted that the entire frigidaire pro series unit features the advanced SpaceWise organization system that reveals in a smart bins and shelves location inside the fridge and freezer. Therefore, such optimized food storage facilitates the access to the products you need and makes it faster to find and get them. In a word, the inside space is smart, usable, and organized


This frigidaire professional refrigerator is designed, front end engineered, and assembled in the U.S.A. and that’s is why you may be quite confident in its decent quality. Both sections feature 38 cu. ft. capacity and that is pretty much even as for a professional appliance. The space-pro shelving attracts attention due to a great possibility to optimize the space and have a quick and convenient access to your foodstuffs. In addition, the air purifying system prevents the ingredients from odors seven times more efficient, thus, they will keep tasting fresh. A PowerPlus icemaker is powerful and allows unlimited access to ice, which is great concerning drinks serving, sorbet making, or many other сooking processes. The last but not least argument is an affordable price.


Some users in frigidaire professional reviews complain that the trim may by a bit shaky to install, so you will need some skills to set up this unit. However, any equipment requires some installation. The other consumers consider it to be a little noisy but, taking into consideration its capacity and principally non-domestic use, it is an expected issue.


This model of frigidaire pro series is a comprehensive, functional, optimized professional kitchen appliance. It comes at the affordable price and promises a wide range of options aligned with good quality. In general, it has all odds of success.

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Fisher and Paykel Refrigerator: The Best Models Review Mon, 22 May 2017 15:03:59 +0000 manufacturer. Sometimes, a factor of price also matters. Then you should set your eyes on Fisher & Paykel’s refrigerators. The history of this brand started in 1934 with a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity and, later, showed brand’s development into a global company. This producer of various household products operates in 50 countries and has offices in more than 11 regions. Its products feature award-winning qualities, and that is why this brand owns many local and international awards for the innovation, design, and trustworthiness. We are going to make some Fisher and Paykel refrigerator reviews in order to find the most rated among real users and help you make up your opinion.

RF135BDLX4 25" 13.4 cu. ft. Left Hinge Counter Depth Bottom Freezer by Fisher & Paykel

This model is a refrigerator with glass shelves in stainless, left sided. It is counter-depth, 25-inches model and it sits flush with your cabinets. This bottom freezer refrigerator offers 135 cu. ft. capacity and the latest technologies. For instance, ActiveSmart technology promotes a true food care and keeps your favorite food products fresh for a longer time. LED Lighting system provides better view and possibility to choose the food you need quicker. The three spill safe glass shelves with many-leveled possibilities for adjusting are reliable and facilitate a good visibility as well. This fischer and paykel fridge features the advanced humidity control system prevents icing on the inside walls. The bins are spacious, slide out on rails like a breeze. This model measures 27.4 by 25 by 67.5 inches. In a word, it is a great refrigerator for a small kitchen, good-looking, elegant, functional, and quietly working.

RF201ADX4 20.1cuft Counter Depth French door by Fisher and Paykel

This model features the space you desire and crisp geometry of lines. It is outfitted with nice glass shelves that have many possibilities for adjusting the levels. The refrigerator’s LED-lights make the interior brighter and truly light up space! The elegant French door of a bottom freezer attracts attention. The ActiveSmart technology and humidity control system, aligned with a revolutionary cooling system promote keeping your food as fresh as it was on the day of preparation for a long time. This counter-depth refrigerator fisher and paykel comes with 20.1 cu. ft. capacity and a bottom freezer. For your convenience, it is equipped with the smart touch control panel. Undoubtedly, this powerful and well-designed fridge will benefit any kitchen.

ActiveSmart RF170ADUSX4 Counter Depth French Door Refigerator with Ice and Water, 17 cu. ft. by Fisher and Paykel

This model combines everything a modern person might wish. The product measures approximately 27 by 31 by 67 inches. It offers flexible storage options to help you stay organized and to facilitate food preparation. An ice boost function of the icemaker quickly delivers as much ice as you need. You can also get filtered water via external water dispenser if you wish. In order to maintain the ideal climate, the ActiveSmart system tracks the daily use and then intelligently adapts it. The bins with a built-in humidity control sensors adjust the temperature so to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. Nice and convenient glass shelves promote customization. SmartTouch controls and LED lighting make it easy to handle this fischer and paykel fridge. In addition, the model is equipped with the alarms on both the refrigerator and freezer in order to warn you about the door that has been left open. Smooth flat doors with a stainless steel finish deliver some elegance to your kitchen and maintain spotless appearance. A convenience of use, beautiful design, and great functionality – is not that all-in-one option.

E522BRX5 Refrigerator by Fisher and Paykel

This product features the sleek design and superior functionality. It will be a perfect choice for a 33-inch space between your cabinets. This fisher and paykel refrigerator seems to have even more space on the inside than you would suppose it had looked from the outside. It is equipped with adjustable glass shelves, roomy bins, and door shelves that can be hanged in multiple positions. Despite of its 17.6 cu. ft. capacity, this fridge works super quietly. For the better food products preservation, the model offers the advanced ActiveSmart system of cooling. In addition, the humidity control system maintains a safe microclimate of the fridge. A bottle timer and a smart touch panel add some usability. In summary, a great look, plenty of space, brilliant lighting make this fridge a solid choice to supplement any normal kitchen.

RF170BRPX6 32” 17.6 cu. ft. Counter Depth Refrigerator by Fisher and Paykel

This stainless steel model is aimed to make food preparation and organization easy. The right-sided refrigerator has measurements of 32 by 36 by 72 inches. The model shows a classic moderate design with elegant slender handles and lovely steel door surfaces. It features microclimate maintenance, so you do not need to worry about the freshness of your food. The interior is well lighted and promotes plenty of conveniently organized space. The numerous shelves and bins provide to arrange a space the most efficiently. Having a 17.6 cu. ft. capacity, this refrigerator fisher and paykel still works extremely quietly. This is a good option to fit your cabinets if you have no tight space restrictions.


The trustworthy brand produces a wide range of various models for different needs. Fisher and Paykel refrigerator features well-thought interior and excellent design, usability and durability. You are free to choose from different sizes, capacities, door systems; however, the quality remains top notch no matter what model of fischer and paykel fridge you choose. Well, nothing is perfect, but it is definitely a decent product in that price range when a budget is limited yet you still want to get a great product.

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Top 5 Bottom Freezer Refrigerators Mon, 22 May 2017 14:54:31 +0000 In today’s world, the bottom freezer refrigerator has become very popular. The majority of contemporary refrigerator units have become refrigerators with bottom freezers. Lately, bottom freezers are typically preferred over the top freezers. The reason for that is the bottom freezer’s increased running efficiency, convenience, and storage space that surpass those of the top freezer. Refrigerators come in designs with different physical dimensions, features, and organizational arrangement, all equally great. But, the features that are desired by all buyers include, artistic design, plenty of storage space, convenient interior layout, running efficiency, and value for the money. Here’s a list of Top 5 Bottom Freezer Refrigerators that have all of these features and more.

5. Liebherr HC2061 Refrigerator

The Liebherr HC2061 is an adaptable fridge with a fantastic German signature design. The fridge’s capacity is 13.4 cubic feet and the freezer stands at 6 cubic feet. The design is modestly-sized, but it’s designed specifically to maximize food storage efficiency. This model has a single door with extra storage space. It also has a built-in icemaker and water dispenser. Both these features use the fridge’s advanced water filtration system and gallon containers inside the door. The containers provide a lot of storage space. The Liebherr HC2061 also has a digital control display that, found at the top the fridge that helps you easily control your refrigerator.

4. Frigidaire Professional FFHB2740PS Refrigerator

The Frigidaire Professional FFHB2740PS is a counter-depth refrigerator. The refrigerator has a smudge-proof stainless steel finish that prevents rust and fingerprint marks from staining your fridge. This design is easy to install and doesn’t require any surrounding adjustments. Its French door design gives this model an artistic, aesthetic look. In addition, this model’s SpaceWise Organization System makes it easy to organize your food and drink within the refrigerator space. The Frigidaire Professional FFHB2740PScomes with an integrated vent that expels excessive moisture and odor. The most convenient feature of this appliance is that it has alarms that signal when its doors are left open for a long period of time.

3. Samsung RF26HFENDSR Refrigerator

The Samsung RF26HFENDSR is a low-noise fridge that works brilliantly without making too much of a racket. It has a total storage space of 25.5 cubic feet; the fridge itself is 17.6 cubic feet, while the freezer is 7.9 cubic feet. This model has doors that close automatically. Its CoolSafe doors ensure the tightest possible seal, keeping your food secure and cooled. It has digital controls on the outside that are highly convenient and offer full operational adjustment of the fridge and freezer. In addition, the Samsung RF26HFENDSR has power chill and freeze features. Using these features, you can quickly lower the temperatures of your food and drink items to desired temperatures when you need them immediately.

2. GE GBE10ESJSB Refrigerator

The GE GBE10ESJSB Refrigerator is one of the most efficient and affordable bottom-freezer fridges. The fridge has a total size of 24 inches and a total storage capacity of 10.5 cubic feet. Overall, this model offers convenient features at a great price. It sports a simple, modern model that fits perfectly with any house design. It has hidden handles that give its design a minimalist appearance. The exterior of the fridge is stainless steel which keeps your fridge from rusting. The GE GBE10ESJSB is Energy Star rated, meaning it is energy efficient. Its inside has LED lights that help you see all of your refrigerator’s contents clearly.

1. LG LBN10551PS Refrigerator

The LG LBN10551PS is a 24-inch bottom-freezer refrigerator. It’s well known for its LoDecibel Quiet Operation that allows it to work with little noise. This design has well-arranged storage compartments that make it easy to organize food and drink. Its total interior storage capacity is about 10.1 cubic feet. This design would work great in a small kitchen or small area without taking up too much space. The inside of this design has two spill-proof glass shelves that can be adjusted or removed to fit your storage needs. It also has five bins on the inside of its door that hold beverages and condiments securely.


Refrigerators with bottom freezers are a smart and versatile choice for those of you who enjoy purchasing fresh ingredients for daily meals. Before buying your fridge, be sure to measure the space in which you’re going to place it. You don’t want to end up buying a fridge that’s too large for your space. Typically, this design offers a proper, compact fridge that fits neatly in any kitchen. Since this design keeps all your foods eye level, the foods are easier to see and access. Thus, bottom freezers make it easy to use your fresh ingredients on the daily.

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Top 5 Best Wine Fridges Mon, 22 May 2017 14:37:53 +0000 Cooling your wine in a regular fridge can be a hassle. If you are an avid wine drinker, you might want to invest in a machine that you can use to properly store your wine and also keep it cool. Wine coolers are really helpful when it comes to wine storage. They allow a small, convenient space where you a place your bottles. Wine fridges help keep your wine cold and your bottles safe. With a wine fridge, you don’t have to worry about the space your wine bottles can take in your regular fridge. Here is a list of the Top 5 wine coolers or fridges on the market.

5. Danby DWC032A2BDB, 36 Bottle Wine Cooler

The Danby DWC032A2BDB Wine Cooler is a great appliance for your wine cooling needs. This model has a high gloss door frame with full smoked glass, giving the cooler a great modern look. The inside of the cooler is fitted with coated black wire shelves that can be adjusted to fit different sizes of bottles. The cooler has a seamless full length door handle in addition to a reversible door that allows you to change the way the door swings open. The also has some energy saving features. The interior lights of the cooler are blue LED lights, making the machine’s interior lighting energy efficient.

4. Avanti EWC1201 Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler

The Avanti EWC1201 wine cooler is a small, affordable wine fridge. For those of you not looking for anything too big, this model is perfect. The Avanti EWC1201 carries up to 12 full-sized wine bottles. It has an innovative, unique design that allows it to store bottles both standing and vertical. It can store up to 4 open bottles standing to avoid spillage. This model sports a no vibration feature. This feature keeps the machine from vibrating too much, thus keeping bottle sediment undisturbed. The Avanti EWC1201 has a curved glass door, giving it a stylish, new look. Lastly, the inside of the cooler is a classic black cabinet with platinum finished accents that go well with any design.

3. NewAir AW-181E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

The NewAir AW-181E wine cooler is an energy saving thermoelectric wine cooler. This model has 3 size choices: 12 bottles, 18 bottles, or 28 bottles. So, you can pick the size that’s most convenient for you. This cooler has a compressor-free cooling system that works quietly, making no uncomfortable noise in your space. The NewAir AW-181E cooler also has a digital thermostat that helps cool your wine perfectly. Its temperature ranges from 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. The design has a double-paned glass door for additional insulation, keeping your wine cold at all times. Finally, the machine’s interior has LED lights that give it a nice, attractive look.

2. Koldfront Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler

The Koldfront wine cooler is a thermoelectric cooler. This cooler has a dual zone interior. Dual zone wine coolers are designed to provide two separate spaces within the same cooler that can be set to different temperatures. The cooler comes with an easy to use control panel. The panel has an LCD temperature display that shows you temperature display for both zones and allows you to set each one separately. The two zones have temperature ranges of 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. The Koldfront wine cooler has a free-standing installation design with a tempered glass door and removable shelves. The door has a safety lock to keep anyone from getting into your cooler.

1. Haier HVTEC16DABS Dual Zone Wine Cooler

The Haier HVTEC16DABS wine cooler is one of the best rated coolers out there. This model comes in sizes that vary from 6 to 18 bottles. The Haier HVTEC16DABS comes with vibration free features, making this model ultra quiet. The Hair wine coolers also use thermoelectric cooling to keep your wine cool. The model’s design is modern and simple-looking. It has a curved, double pane insulated, smoked glass door with black trim. This model has dual touch screen controls with 2 LED displays, allowing you to adjust its dual zones separately. Its temperature ranges from 46 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit. This model is perfect for red or white wines.


When choosing a wine cooler or fridge there are a few things you need to look out for. First, put in mind the size of your appliance. If you know that you will be purchasing lots of wine that will need lots of space, go for a bigger design. But, if you’re going for a smaller wine collection, opt for a smaller model so as to avoid taking up excess space and spending too much on a large model. Next, consider the machines features and quality. You want shelves and gliders that will hold a large amount of weight without falling apart. You also want a wine cooler that will store your wine at the proper temperature and humidity. Finally, be careful of your machine’s price. Wine coolers don't come cheap, so you should always compare prices and shipping charges before you buy a wine cooler to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Top 5 Mini Fridge Options Mon, 22 May 2017 14:24:32 +0000

The mini fridge, once a staple mainly for college students living in cramped dormitories, has become a useful item for professionals, RV enthusiasts, and homeowners looking to upgrade their garage or basement rec rooms. To suit the rise in mini fridge use, companies have produced designs that range from miniature fridges that look exactly like the models in kitchens all the way to fridges that are covered in images from popular television and movie franchises. Yes, this even includes a Tardis fridge (Doctor Who) and one with a frozen Han Solo on the outside. For those students heading off to college, there are now even mini fridges whose exteriors that are erase boards, allowing individuals to write reminders of important events for the week (exams, club meeting reminders, etc.). For you sport enthusiasts, there are also mini fridge options that include your favorite team’s logo. All that aside, here are five mini fridges to consider as you start your investigation into mini fridges:

1. Igloo FR326M-D-BLACK Erase Board Refrigerator

One of the best-selling mini fridge options, and most useful, is Igloo’s Erase Board Refrigerator. With 3.2 Cubic Feet of space, this mini fridge offers a good amount of room for sodas, luncheon meet, jars or jelly, yogurt, milk and juice. This model should be more than sufficient to handle the needs of dorm residents as well as those looking to create a den or recreation room. This model also includes a freezer compartment with room for frozen dinners, veggies and even some frozen pizzas. With removable glass shelves, this model allows for easy cleaning. As for the exterior, it allows users to write notes and reminders or even draw images, I nice feature, especially for college students seeking to have an easy option for keeping a calendar.

2. Danby DAR026A2BDB

Danby’s model (with 2.6 cubic feet of storage space) offers plenty of room and even has racks specifically designed to hold cans of your favorite beverage. This mini fridge has the capacity to store tall bottles with multiple shelves to suit most users’ needs. This mini fridge lacks a freezer compartment, which may or may not be an issue (depending on your needs). For those not needing a freezer, this is definitely a low-cost option to consider.

3. Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact

Amazon’s ‘Choice’ for mini fridges is the Midea WHS-65LB1, which has a 1.6 cubic foot storage space. While tiny, this fridge does offer decent space for those looking to store just a minimal amount of food and beverages to carry them through a day, whether at work or for snacks at the dorm to offset meals at a college dinning facility. This model does include a small freezer compartment, which could fit small ice cube trays or small freezable snacks like pizza rolls or popsicles. This model is also relatively lightweight, making it easy to transport between home and office or dorm.

4. BLACK+DECKER BCRK17V Compact Refrigerator

Black and Decker’s mini fridge carries a dependable name with ample assets including a compact freezer, room for bottles, and multiple shelves for food items, all within a 1.7 cubic foot space. This energy efficient model offers a surprising amount of space given its size. As for the freezer, it has good length, but still is rather small.

5. Koolatron KWC-4 Coca-Cola Personal 6-Can Mini Fridge

For those with little space to work with and only in need of a fridge to cool some sandwiches or cans of your favorite beverage, for a dorm or office, this is a choice to consider. With the classic Coca-cola color scheme, the fridge itself is a great conversation piece that also provides need refrigeration that will not take up much room. This fridge is low-cost and easy to move.

Consumers have an endless amount of choices these days when it comes to mini refrigerators, whether they are looking for a fridge for use in a dorm, in an office, in the garage, in an RV or even on a boat. Also, with the technology now available, most models of mini fridges are energy efficient so they will not run up your electricity bill too much, if that is a concern. Consumers must be mindful of their freezing needs as not all mini fridges come with a freezer compartment, and those that do are often too small to hold things such as a frozen pizza.

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Best Compact Refrigerators Mon, 22 May 2017 14:15:23 +0000 Whether you are a college student or need to keep some food and drinks handy, a compact refrigerator is the way to go. Coming with many of the features of traditional sized refrigerators - including adjustable shelving, temperature control, and a freezer - mini fridges also have the added bonus to being incredibly small. Despite their size they have been ergonomically designed to hold plenty of drinks and food. Consolidating down the best compact refrigerator reviews, here are the best mini fridges on the market today.

Igloo FR32GM-D Black Erase Board Compact Refrigerator

Igloo is a company synonymous for making high quality and affordable products, and this mini fridge is no exception. Being the best compact refrigerator today, Igloo has included the unique addition of a the front door having a dry erase board. Useful for notes or artwork, this mini fridge’s door is completely reversible - ensuring that’ll fit just about anywhere! The slide out glass shelving allows for larger items to be put in with ease, along with giving users the ability to clean off the shelving simply. With 3.2 cubic feet of storage space and an adjustable thermostat, you won’t need to worry about perishables with this excellent pick.

RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Compact Refrigerator

Coming in eight amazing colors, this mini refrigerator can fit just about anyone. With a reversible door you can easily fit it in even the tightest of corners in your room. With 3.2 cubic feet of interior space, along with slide out shelves, and built in can holder you can be sure you’ll be able to fit all the necessities into this little machine. The compressor cooling gives amazing performance even in the hottest of weather. The adjustable thermostat and lever gives this RCA machine a boost in versatility. This compact refrigerator also low energy, meaning it’ll pay for itself in no time!

Danby DAR026A2BDB Classic Compact Refrigerator

This Danby model is one of the best mini refrigerators out there. Coming in five modern colors, this machine is notable for being energy star compliant - no worries about emptying your bank account every month on the electronic bill! The door shelving is integrated in such a way to allow even large bottles to be stored there. Inside there is a glass shelving that is super easy to clean, along with adjustable temperature control, and a bright white LED light. For additional space this model also comes in 3.3 and 4.4 cubic feet of space.

Hisense Rt33D6BAE Double Door Compact Refrigerator

This Hisense model compact refrigerator is unique for having a separate door for both freezer and refrigerator. This fridge has a total of 3.3 cubic feet of space - divvied up between 2.3 cubic feet and 1.0 cubic feet on the fridge and freezer compartment respectively. Being Energy Star certified, this fridge will keep your food’s temperature down along with your electric bill. The pair of glass shelves are easy to clean, and the reversible door makes sure wherever you put this machine you’ll be able to use it with ease.

Midea WHD-113FB1 Double Door Compact Refrigerator

With three ultra-sheek styles available, this modern compact fridge has everything you need to keep your essentials cool. Comes with an adjustable temperature model - anywhere from 32 F to 50 F for the fridge compartment and -11 F to 5 F for the freezer compartment. With adjustable legs and reversible door, it is no doubt that this refrigerator will fit in your room no problem. As an added bonus the main compartment contains a pair of drawers that help regulate humidity - making it ideal for fruits and vegetables. The double door style allows for an easy separation of freezer and refrigerator.

Regardless of why you need one, all of these compact refrigerators will more than get the job done. They highly adjustable fridges can reverse their doors with ease, adjust or remove shelves when needed, and also have the added bonus of many of them having a can holder. Despite their tiny size they can still hold a prodigious amount of food and drinks that can be accessed at a moment's notice. Get going with the best compact refrigerators out there!

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Best French Door Refrigerator Mon, 22 May 2017 14:05:16 +0000 Since the beginning of the 20th century, refrigerators have been a staple in every kitchen across America and the world. French door style refrigerators offer a better way to organize your perishables with their multiple shelf doors and adjustable shelving. Quickly eclipsing traditional models, French door refrigerators contain a veritable smorgasbord of extra features - with ice and filtered water dispensers, electronic temperature controls, and ergonomic style. Keep all of your food nice and cold with the best French door refrigerators!

GE PFE28PSKSS French Door Refrigerator

General Electrics has been in business for a mind blowing 125 years and was founded by the legendary Thomas Edison himself. With such experience you know when you buy a GE fridge you are getting an incredible piece of machinery. Comes with a total of 27.8 cubic feet of interior space along with a full width temperature controlled drawer. Wanting to put only the most useful features into this product, GE has included the ability to brew coffee with the Keurig K-cup single serve feature. The dispenser also puts out cubed, crushed ice, along with filtered water all with an LED light - making it useful to be used at night.

Frigidaire DGHF2360PF French Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire is the company the created the first self contained refrigerator back in 1916. In fact it was so famous that many people saw the name Frigidaire as synonymous with refrigerator. This top rated french door refrigerator is no exception to their adherence to excellence. Comes with a multi-level LED lighting inside and out, along with a dual ice ready dispenser. The dispenser can divvy out either crushed or cubed ice, along with filtered water. Comes with a full 22.6 of capacity, part of it located in the easy to use bottom style freezer. Inside is beautifully wrought glass shelves along with a simple to use thermometer.

LG LFXS24566S French Door Refrigerator

LG is a South Korean company founded in 1958 that has their fingers in a plethora of different electronics markets. Taking this considerable experience they have created one of the best french door refrigerators on the market today. This product comes with a large capacity ice and water dispenser on the outside, along with LED lights so you can get water in the dark. This stainless steel fridge comes with a pair of humidity crispers and nine door baskets. Always wanting to push the limits of functionality, this refrigerator also has spill protector shelves and clear shelving.

Kenmore 50023 French Door Refrigerator

The Kenmore brand is synonymous with with kitchen appliances, and since 1927 they’ve been making some of the best out there. This 25 cubic foot refrigerator comes with powerful LED lights inside and on the ice dispenser. Capable of dispensing both crushed and cubed ice, you can also get a glass of filtered water. This stainless steel fridge has a pair of humidity controlled baskets perfect for fruit and vegetables, along with plenty of door shelves to fit all of your condiments. Having the best french door fridge freezer on the market, you can be sure that all of your meats and ice creams will stay extra fresh.

Haier HRF15N3AGS French Door Refrigerator

Founded in 1984, this relatively new Chinese company doesn’t lack for the skill and finesse of its more experienced competitors. This slim model comes with 14.9 cubic feet of capacity, along with adjustable glass shelving. These shelves are also removable, allowing for easy clean up. The bottom style freezer allows for easy access, and the electronic temperature controls gives users precise handling. As an added bonus this refrigerator comes with the unique boost of cold air when first closed to ensure that your perishables stay fresh for longer.

All in all you can’t really lose out with any of these excellent models. If you are looking for the creme-de-la-creme of french door refrigerators, look no further than the GE model - a company that has by far the most experience when it comes to household appliances. If you are tight on space look at the Haier model - this refrigerator comes from a company that has made waves despite it not having as much experience of others on the market. Keep your food delicious and your drinks cool with the best French door refrigerators!

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Best Side by Side Fridge Mon, 22 May 2017 13:09:49 +0000

You’ve got to admit that there are some pretty neat refrigerators out there these days, from your traditional open to the left or right all the way to touch screen transparent french door ones. Today though, we will be looking over the side by side refrigerators in all their glory. The thing about the side by side, is that it’s becoming a bit of classic these days anyway, and I personally think it’s because of the ice machine on the freezer door side, because that’s what gets me every time. Now I’m here to bring you the highest rated side by side refrigerators around so you’ll know what to look for next time you're in the market.

1. Kenmore 50023

This little puppy here is a perfect match for any of the three households: one with black appliances, one with stainless steel appliances, and of course one for those who just don’t care what color of anything they have and that leaves the classic white. Of course it’s a nice set up with the refrigerator right next to the freezer and luckily enough they leave it pretty spacious allowing you to stuff that sucker up to the brim with food. The freezer, from personal experience can also handle a nice amount of frozen goods. Finally, you’ve got the obvious plus to this type of fridge, the ice maker in the door, or dispenser should I say.

2. Frigidaire FFSS2614QP

Now, with this particular fridge, you're going to be stuck with the classic white color which isn't bad in any way, it just means you’ll have to deal with it or find another fridge if you're only into color coordinating. This guy comes with spill proof glass shelves, which will stop all those leaky food items we tend to put in the fridge and forget about from leaking onto all our other foods and grossing us out, and did I mention that they're adjustable? Another cool thing is the adjustable gallon door holders, which isn't something I run into often and will make everything a little easier. It has water filter and that means of course a water dispenser as well as an ice dispenser side by side.


Comes in a nice stainless steel which is kinda sleek and nice and will accompany a black or even stainless steel kitchen of course. They’ve take the fridge a step further and have shaved off the hinges making them hidden for a sleek appeal. There’s angled LED lighting all throughout the fridge and freezer making sure there are no dark areas of the storage area. The glass spill proof shelves are adjustable and have raised edges to make sure that those spills don’t spill over the sides, plus they pull out so you can grab them hard to reach areas. The drawers are climate controlled and create the perfect climate for your fruits and vegetables.

4. LG LSXS26366S

Of course another nice addition to the side by sides, coming with with a nice space plus system that runs right below the fridge side of things, this nice refrigerator comes in a classy stainless steel and offers the sleek look of shaving off the hinges. With the hinges hidden you can slide it into higher more flush spaces, instead of having it jutting out of the wall. The freezer has a tilting freezer door bin allowing for a much easier way to store and an even easier access to the storaged items. Of course this puppy is gonna offer your water and ice dispenser, what kind of page of best recommended refrigerators would this be without that little perk on all these.

5. LG LSXS26326S

A nice stainless steel side by side for all your kitchen needs comes with a nice space plus ice system so your ice isn't intruding into your shelf space. With the new smart cooling as well, all your items will be kept at a perfect temperature allowing for a longer shelf life overall, which is great for your belly and your family’s. Overall a nice and roomy fridge that’ll look nice and provide you with a water filter and dispenser alongside an ice dispenser.

Overall these fridges all provide what you’d be looking for in a best refrigerators review and the choice ultimately boils down to your price range, even if all these guys aren't too far apart. My personal choice would be the GE PSS28KSHSS because it offers everything and more, and people’s experience with it has been phenomenal.

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Top 5 Best Refrigerator On The Market Today Mon, 22 May 2017 12:58:03 +0000 Often overlooked for first timers moving out, due to them being provided in many apartments. Upon moving into a house or another apartment, take some time to consider how important a refrigerator really is. I mean that is the source of all our energy, the food I mean, and the fridge is the place that houses it and keeps it. I’ve been looking at many a fridge and have looked through the best refrigerator reviews, and I’ve found many of the simple ones do the job nicely, and the only real extra addition I try personally is the ice maker since so many people can not do without ice. I’ve found the best the web has to offer and have gotten them all written down for you.

1. Frigidaire FFTR1821QS 30" Top-Freezer Refrigerator

This fridge really does the job well, and provides you with an excellent eye piece for the kitchen. The thing I really enjoy is the stainless steel color is comes in and it makes for an easy clean and not to mention the whole throwing magnets on that thing. It’s got a powerful cooling system, due to the strong motors in there really powering these things on through the seasons, both the cooler and freezer. There are two nice glass adjustable shelves as well as a gallon door storage which is great.

2. LG LTCS24223W 23.8 Cu. Ft. White Top Freezer Refrigerator

A quaint little fridge, leaves little to be desired due to the excellent work it provides. With two adjustable glass shelves in the cooler area, you can customize to suit your needs and the fact that it’s glass and not some steel grates, means nothing is gonna leak through onto other items in the fridge. There are also two shelves in the freezer instead of just a freezing storage area that does often leave something to be desired. The awesome thing about this fridge is the ice maker in the freezer so you won’t have to fill up the ice trays and such.

3. Kenmore 50023 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator

An awesome fridge that comes in stainless steel as well as black, and the latter is pretty cool if I do say so myself. A nice side by side french door fridge with room for all kinds of things. You’ve got three removable and movable shelves in the main fridge and plenty of door room in the freezer for a multitude of things. Plus the coolest thing about this is of course the ice maker on the front of the freezer door. It’s known to last a while, meaning it isn’t going to break down on you the first year.

4. GE Profile PFE28KMKES 36”

Known as an energy star rated fridge, this thing isn't going to rack up your electricity bill much. The french doors are amazingly awesome and gives you a different feel from the traditional ‘swing it to the left’ doors, plus there is a huge drawer beneath that is your freezer and boy is it roomy. There are three drawers in the main compartment, them being two half drawers and one drawer the size of the bridge riding right below. The drawers are temperature controlled which is going to keep your fruits or veggies nice and fresh for longer, oh and did I mention the hands free autofill? Yes, there is a hands free spout that not only delivers water, but ice as well of course.

5. Frigidaire FFHT1514QW 28”v

Now this fella is a top freezer, white, swing to the right classic fridge. Not that there’s anything wrong with these types, this is actually a fantastic fridge to cover all basic needs. With gallon door storage and two full wire shelves, anything that doesn't require fancy stuff is possible. This old dog is a damn tank and the years have proven it in this modern interpretation of the classic fridge. Known to last through the hottest times and places and still keep your stuff cold, and your ice frozen, people talk very well about this, and hell, if you need a garage fridge, this is utterly perfect.

If you are looking for a fridge to only keep your items and not looking to break the bank I’d suggest choice number five due to it’s simplicity. The best rated refrigerators are on here and I’m gonna say the best recommended refrigerator would have to be the Kenmore because it covers everything, as well as making everything accesible.

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5 Best Small Refrigerator For Your Money Mon, 22 May 2017 12:16:06 +0000 A small or compact refrigerator is an ideal choice for places where you simply don’t have the space for a larger model, such as a college dorm, a small office, caravans or RVs or even boats. Small refrigerators can fit into tight spaces such as uder a desk or in a cupboard, or can be placed on top of a counter. Here are the top picks for the best small refrigerator.

1. Midea WHS-65LB1 Compact Single Reversible Door Refrigerator

This black, small refrigerator has a 1.6 cubic feet capacity and uses environmentally friendly technology. It comes with a reversible door and a separate chiller compartment. Its external dimensions are 17.7x18.6 x19.4 allowing it to fit in the tightest of spaces. This model does not have a freezer but its temperature adjustment ranges from 32F to 35.6F.

2. Midea WHD-113FSS1 Double Reversible Door Refrigerator and Freezer, 3.1 Cubic Feet, Stainless Steel

This small refrigerator comes in attractive and sleek stainless steel and includes a freezer so is an ideal choice for small kitchens or areas away from the house where you want to enjoy cold drinks and food. The compact refrigerator-freezer is small enough to fit under a counter or built in a cabinet or piece of furniture. The refrigerator includes a crisper drawer and adjustable shelves. It has an extremely quiet compressor that is almost undetectable making it perfect for tiny homes and bedrooms. Its external dimensions are 18.5x19.37x32.95 inch and includes adjustable height legs ideal for uneven floors or surfaces.

3. Igloo FR326M-D-BLACK Erase Board Refrigerator with Neon Markers

This fun and unique small refrigerator from Igloo has a dry erase board as a front door and comes with neon markers, perfect for leaving messages or doodling. The compact refrigerator has a 3.2 cubic feet capacity and external dimensions of 18.25x20x33.25 inches. The door is adjustable to open either way and includes a freezer space. There is an adjustable thermostat and slide out glass shelves. The small refrigerator is perfect for offices, small kitchens, dorm rooms and even play rooms.

4. Hisense RT33D6BAE Compact Refrigerator

This small refrigerator from Hisense has two doors with a separate freezer compartment. Its total capacity is 3.3 cubic feet with a 2.3 cubic feet refrigeration compartment and a 1.0 freezer compartment. It comes with 2 removable glass shelves and the doors are reversible to open either way. Its external dimensions are 21.5x18.7x33.7 inches and is attractive stainless silver colour makes is an ideal choice for the small but contemporary kitchen, office or leisure space.

5. Magic Chef MCBR440S2 Refrigerator, 4.4 cu. ft.

The Magic Chef small refrigerator is the largest in this review of the top 5 best small refrigerators. It has a total capacity of 4.4 cubic feet and its external dimensions are 22x19.5x33.1 inches. It includes a freezer and a push button defrost feature. This small refrigerator has a black cabinet with a stainless steel look door. It comes with glass shelves, a crisper drawer and a can dispenser. A great choice for small kitchens and offices

A small refrigerator will keep foods and drinks cool and fresh just as well as standard refrigerators and a lot have dedicated and efficient freezer compartments. They can serve as ideal choices in tiny homes, dorms and leisure areas. Most small refrigerators use compressor-powered cooling systems. Alternatively a small refrigerator may use a thermoelectric cooling system, which tend to be quieter but slightly less efficient. In choosing a small refrigerator make sure you also bear in mind weight, which can be particularly important when using in vehicles or if you simply need to move it from place to place.

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